Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Updated] Hey, you can buy 190 Bowery again (again)!

Developer Aby Rosen of RFR Realty bought the landmarked 190 Bowery from photographer Jay Maisel for a reported $55 million last year.

Back in November, Rosen was ready to flip the property, according to the Commercial Observer. However, that apparent re-sale never transpired ... but! It looks as if the historic Germania Bank Building on the corner of Spring Street is back on the market, Curbed reported earlier today.

Here's part of the Cushman & Wakefield listing:

The open floor plans combined with the property being delivered vacant, offer an unusually large blank canvas for a developer or user to execute a myriad of potential visions, including a boutique residential condominium, a retail flagship, or a truly historic and one-of-a-kind single family residence. Regardless of the strategy, the end result will change the landscape of the Bowery for years to come and will be a project unmatched in the price premiums it obtains.

There isn't any mention of the asking price (presumably it's higher than $55 million). No word on what happened to the previous tenants (a company made up of agencies representing creative professionals) who reportedly signed to lease part of the space.

Meanwhile, maybe there will be time for another art show here.

Updated 7-15

Oh, never mind! Reps told Curbed the building is NOT being resold...

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Giovanni said...

I hear that CVS is looking for a new location since there is a big shortage of chain stores in the area.

Pinch said...

"...the end result will change the landscape of the Bowery for years to come..." False advertising...they're already late to the game on that one.

Anonymous said...

I said that guy was a fucking pig when he caused the original owner to give up the place and in short order he has proved himself.

pinhead said...

I want that building! What's the limit on GoFundMe?

Anonymous said...

and real estate people wonder why no one trusts them when they say they are "invested" in the neighborhood. thanks for flipping buildings asap and raising the cost for everyone that lives here.