Monday, July 9, 2018

NYU student discusses random weekend attack: 'He got me right to the ground and kept punching'

CBS New York files a report on several of the random attacks that have occurred around the city in recent days.

Marcia Kramer spoke with one of the women who was attacked in the East Village this past weekend.

Per Kramer's report:

NYU junior Cat Heinen says being violently ambushed and beaten by a homeless man in the East Village late Saturday has left her scared and shaken.

“I don’t think I can walk alone for a long time,” she told CBS2. “I’ve been walking with my keys in hand.”

Heinen also says she’s bought pepper spray after the terrifying ordeal. While the NYPD was quick to catch the man who attacked Cat and two other women, she says the experience has changed her life.

“This has been really traumatic and awful,” she said. “He got me right to the ground and kept punching, I’m pretty sure he was going to rape me.”

Carlos Munoz, 23, was arrested and reportedly charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Police officials tell Kramer that there isn't any crime wave, that statistics for the first six months of the year show overall crime is down another 1.8 percent.


Anonymous said...

WTF is so difficult about deploying beat cops?

One for each avenue (1st through 4th, A through D, Bowery) and street (Houston through 14th Streets plus Lafayette and Bleecker) for 26 beat cops total.

That would end violent crime in the East Village.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen any police walk a beat here? They are very reluctant to be out of their cars and on foot, though their excuse is they need to be in their cars to respond to emergencies. At least that's what they say while they're sitting, chatting, eating,and talking on their phones parked in Tompkins with the AC on Sunday mornings.

But if the CO assigns them, I bet they'll walk. So come on Deputy Inspector Greany and act on the community involvement that you tell us the precinct is so committed to.

Anonymous said...

Asking for police officers to walk around (on foot!) is asking too much. LOL. I'd settle for cops on bikes.

Anonymous said...

Crime is not down, it has moved to dating apps where people are targeted by grifter catfish. Victims are hesitant to report the crimes because, when they do, the NYPD is really, really, really hesitant to file a report.

Anonymous said...

For a short while a few years back, I was seeing cops on bikes. What ever happened to them?

Giovanni said...

We need more cops on foot patrol, and even though every Mayor promises to increase commuity policing it never seems to happen. I’m sorry for this girl, but NYU and other colleges are piling too many students into an area that has a big homeless problem, so students are likley to be crime victims. I know many people who went to Columbia over the years and were mugged, one former classmate of mine was raped by a homelss guy in her Barnard dorm room. Everyone I know who went there said they were always looking over their shoulders due to crime in the area.

@12:12PM You are so right, online crime, identity theft, catfishing, elder abuse, those are the big unreported crimes these days. I had a neighbor who got catfished for thousands of dollars by a “Russian model.” He fell in love with “her” and to this day still swears she is real, but her photos were so fake everyone but him knew it was a scam. When he stopped sending her money, she suddenly “died” and it broke his heart. These catfishers are heartless.

I have another neighbor who used to meet and catfish guys online, then would go to their apartments, roofie and rob them. The guys were so embarrassed that most of them never reported it, and she did a good job hiding her identity until she made a mistake one day and left behind something with her name on it. He posted it everywhere online and that made her stop. Now she just preys on elderly relatives and neighbors, gets power of attorney, then gets her hands on their bank accounts and property, blows all the money on clothes and shopping, and then she finds another victim and does it all over again. She’s a total vulture but somehow has avoided jail, probably because she’s somewhat educated and white and can socipathically talk her way out of almost any situation. There is obviously a lot of mental illness involved here, but that’s no excuse. She knows it’s wrong and keeps doing it anyway.

The NYPD CompStat crime statistics don't capture most of these crimes, but they are rampant.

Anonymous said...

You cant get them out on foot, you want them on bikes? They'll be a real hazard -- mainly to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, July 17, 7 PM, is the next Community Council meeting (third Tuesday of the month), where we can request more foot patrols. The commanding officer for the precinct, Vincent Greany, chairs the meetings and takes questions.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that everybody thinks there's an endless supply of police officers to just throw on every corner. You guys really don't understand how law enforcement works. Be glad you live in a safe city where these attacks are extremely rare.

Scuba Diva said...

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous said:

Crime is not down, it has moved to dating apps where people are targeted by grifter catfish.

This is what skeeved me out about hearing Suraj Patel had decided to work the Tinder rooms for voters.

Michael Hnatyshyn said...

When I was growing up 40 years ago I knew every cop in the 9th precinct by name. Now I couldn't even tell you what any of them look like.