Sunday, April 14, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Avenue A camp out]

Posts on EVG this past week included...

Review documents are now available for the East Side Coastal Resiliency project (Wednesday)

A visit to the Pyramid Club on Avenue A (Friday)

Wax on: Stranded Records debuts on 5th Street (Monday)

Report: Archdiocese of New York announces affordable-housing projects; fate of 2 East Village churches unknown (Tuesday)

In the L-Zone: The Little Tree That Could (Tuesday)

The Starbucks on 2nd Avenue and 9th Street closes on April 15 (Thursday)

Boulder patrol: Granite blocks now surround Astor Place (Friday)

Grant Shaffer's NY See (Monday)

City reportedly winning the rat race; the return of rat-friendly trash cans to Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

Workers on the clock at 250 E. Houston St. (Thursday)

The Kati Roll Company says goodbye to the East Village; 2nd Avenue outpost is now closed (Friday)

[Eric Paulin and company in Tompkins yesterday via Michael Rosenthal]

Report: Landmark Theatres now booking films at the Quad on 13th Street (Wednesday)

La Plaza Cultural closed until the summer for fence replacement; RIP Krusty (Monday)

Timna is now closed on St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

"Spiritus Mundi" at the 292 Theatre/Gallery (Thursday)

Reader mailbag: "Ever hear sirens and wonder?" (Thursday)

Wagamama is closing its East Village location (Friday)

New storefront reveal at 300 E. 5th St. (Monday)

Landmarks Preservation Commission hears air-rights transfer proposal for 3 St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

A look inside the former Sidewalk (Thursday)

Shiina closes on 3rd Avenue (Tuesday)

Audrey Hepburn canvas still needs a home (Sunday)

Beijing Express went quickly (Monday)

... and from the Citizen app this past week...


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