Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 development watch: 75 1st Ave.

If all goes as planned, then the condoplex at 75 First Ave. should be complete this summer. (The completion date on the plywood rendering is listed at summer 2020.)

Work appears to be up to the seventh floor of what will be an 8-story, 22-unit residential building next to the Rite Aid between Fourth Street and Fifth Street.

... and here are two bonus bendy thing pics from Dec. 26 via Goggla...

The ground breaking was way back in September 2016.

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Doug said...

I cannot WAIT until this is done. It's fucked up my street for years and the noise is awful.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this building to be done so we can reclaim the sidewalk, bike lane and street. I'm sure the businesses tapped under the scaffolding all these years are looking forward to this mess being over as well. Even that flock of pigeons will probably calm down when they get their corner roost back. The Empire State Building went up faster than this thing.

Anonymous said...

They work 7 days a week! The noise is HORRENDOUS.
Make it stop!

Anonymous said...

If you live near this mess, I feel your pain!! I have a brand new 12-story bro-bag-trust-fund-only building right next to my building. Construction was hellish. Almost walked away from a rent stabilized apartment!!?! But it’s over now. My building no longer moves and shakes, the drilling has stopped, the crew no longer stands in front of my stoop and the sidewalk has finally been reopened. You will (probably) survive this. Just hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Grieve and his love of those bendy things.

Anonymous said...

25% of all after hours permits issued in nyc, are in the east village. thanks de blasio & nyc council.