Monday, January 6, 2020

About Shaq's assist on East Houston Street today

[Screengrab via TMZ]

In news about former NBA superstars today... Shaquille O'Neal was among the good samaritans who stopped to aid a woman who had fallen in the intersection at Pitt Street and East Houston. (Shaq was a passenger in an SUV heading toward the FDR when the incident occurred.)

In footage obtained by TMZ, the current TNT NBA analyst "helped stop traffic and waited with the woman until an ambulance arrived."

The woman was said to be diabetic, and fainted while crossing Pitt Street to Avenue C.


Anonymous said...

Kazaam to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

and no tax payer funded camera man to hype it all for gullible voters.

Anonymous said...

People are inherently good. Most people, that is.

Anonymous said...

Some people are larger than life itself.

Anonymous said...

Those are some expensive loafers Shaq has on