Friday, November 4, 2016


An EVG reader shared a photo of this sign spotted on Avenue A and Second Street. It reads:


There is a couple in the LES with and grey and white pit bull they're sicking on random victims.

The woman is about 5 feet tall with brown hair and the man is about 6'2" with a cloudy eye. These people are predators!!!

Be careful and call the police!!


JQ LLC said...

This city is losing it. Bad days are here again.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this is an add campaign about a new TV series or Indie movie, right?


Maybe it's publicity for Zach Neil's new restaurant Pit Fight.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess: I'd guess this is some crazy antagonistic person rather than what the sign says. And what's with the boring "the bad ole days are here again" comments over and over? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

The girl calls the attack if I remember correctly..I was walking on Ave B and 10th Srteet at the time and she called him to jump me..luckily a person from da hood was around and stopped the bs..dump her in the dumpster..asswipe