Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Contrada has not been open lately

Multiple readers have noted that Contrada, the Mediterranean-influenced restaurant on Second Avenue at East Fourth Street, has been closed since at least Saturday... a look inside reveals a nearly empty space... and someone has removed the Contrada menus from outside...

In addition, the restaurant's phone is temporarily disconnected ... and Open Table isn't accepting any reservations at this time. (There isn't any mention of a vacation or other temporary closure on Contrada's social media properties.) We reached out to proprietor Eric Anderson to see what might be going on with the space.

In the spring of 2014, the space evolved from Calliope, a French bistro, to Contrada... this after the departure of chefs Ginevra Iverson and Eric Korsh in January 2014.

As for Contrada, they were trying to do something different, making connections with the local art community ... including a brunch-time conversation with "Invisible Hand" director Ken Rus Schmoll and a celebration of Dylan Thomas, among other events.

Photos Saturday by Derek Berg


Anonymous said...

Spoke to the owner of Back 40, who was doing a clean out sale the other day, and said that the demographics have shifted since Sandy. Which was the main reason he was closing. Like the flight from Manhattan after 9-11, a lot of LES folks who would have patronized these places even with the rent increases had fled or sold out after Sandy.

We'll see if all this new construction sinks or swims (an appropriate analogy).

Anonymous said...

I liked what Contrada seemed to be doing, regarding art & lit, but hardly anyone was ever in there. For all your planned events, you still need to be a welcoming place for glass of wine and a bit to eat when there are no authors lurking about. Their menu didn't offer much.

I was there all the time when it was Bellcourt, a truly decent neighborhood joint.

Hey19 said...

I tried with Calliope, and Contrada, it was an ok spot. A nice spot for a civilized glass of wine and a small bite, I found it a bit on the spendy side and the service was spotty, but usually good. It just seemed like a place that was always struggling with its own identity. Anyway, too bad, it was a serene space, and I worry the next space will not be..

IzF said...

That was the old Frutti di Mare space. They always had very reasonably-priced, unpretentious food.

m2ndSt said...

Cotrada was too expensive! I'm not at all surprised it was never full and didn't make it. I don't deny that the neighborhood is changing but a $20 burger was their cheapest entree!