Thursday, July 2, 2015

More about the 10-story building taking the place of the former BP station at 24 2nd Ave.

[EVG photo from December]

At long last reps for the developer filed the new building plans for what's coming next to the former BP station on Second Avenue at East First Street.

The Deal Deal reported back in the fall that a new development with 50,000 square feet of condominiums and 7,000 square feet of retail is on the way.

New York Yimby had a few more details on Tuesday about the property that AORE Capital paid $32 million for last July. Per NYY: "The 10-story development will have 52,700 square feet of residential space and 6,000 square feet of retail spread between the cellar and first floor. There will be just 31 apartments, which works out to impressively sized units of 1,700 square feet a piece."


Apartments will begin on the second floor, with four to five units per floor through the sixth story. The seventh and eighth floors will host two duplexes, and the ninth and tenth floors will hold one penthouse duplex with a private roof deck. Amenities include a shared terrace and recreation space on the second floor, and a fitness room, storage and bike storage in the cellar.

NYY also found a rendering for the project, though it may be out of date as it only shows eight and not 10 floors.

This marks the third new building of late on Second Avenue between East Second Street and East Houston, joining Jupiter 21 and Ben Shaoul's East Luxe.

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Anonymous said...

I was down that way yesterday. Unbelievable.

Gojira said...

Jesus. H. Christ. Between this and the final evisceration of East 9th Street, once one of the most eclectic and interesting blocks in the East Village, there really are no words. Except maybe, damn you to hell, Ghouliani and Bloomturd.

DrGecko said...

Looks like they're keeping the waffle-iron motive from the waffle boutique up the block.

Anonymous said...

More $3 million plus apartments for financiers and international criminals hiding their loot from the taxman.

I've enjoyed living here, but I don't want or need to live in Midtown South. I feel sorry for those who can't leave too.

Anonymous said...

where does everyone work that can afford these new places?!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
where does everyone work that can afford these new places?!

Law firms and financial institutions. At least, that's where ninety percent of the new people moving into my old co-op seem to work.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Breathtaking. Like squat 6th Ave.

Anonymous said...

If Deblasio has his way there will be no limit as to how high someone can build. He must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

And The Cock is right across the street if your upscale lifestyle is too constricting!

Anonymous said...

OMG, another architectural horror! Between the book ends of Cooper Union and the New Museum, and all the oddly tiling boutique hotels in between, this only adds to our LES postmodern nightmare. Is there any way we can bring a law suit against this visual trauma?

Anonymous said...

I actually like this design.

- East Villager