Thursday, November 3, 2016

N'eat now serving Nordic fare on 2nd Avenue

You may have noticed this plot come together in recent days outside 58 Second Ave. between Third Street and Fourth Street... the new restaurant is n'eat.

Here's more about them via their website:

Our philosophy is rooted in showcasing New Nordic fare, with a strong focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The menu is influenced by both old-world and progressive Nordic cooking techniques, while also remaining clean, fresh and simple.

Guests can expect a casual dining experience, whether dining at the bar for a glass of wine and a few snacks, or sitting down to enjoy dishes from the a la carte menu—we hope to offer a welcoming respite and relaxed atmosphere.

Menu items (the items below are all $16) include:
• Poached egg yolk - Brussel sprouts - "Gammel knas"
• Pickled onion - Silver onion - Pear - Smoked crème
• Baked haddock - Sea buck thorn – Apple - Turnips
• Cured scallops – Mussels – Radishes - Butter milk
• Potatoes puree – Duck heart – Bacon – Onion
• Chicken confit – Carrots – Burned garlic sauce

Find the full menu here.

The hours are 6-11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; until midnight on Friday-Saturday.

With this opening, we officially say goodbye to Cellar 58. The low-key Italian restaurant closed for renovations in May ... and, as far as I know, never reopened.

Updated 1 p.m.

Gothamist has a preview today on n'eat here.

Per the post:

"We use whatever makes sense from the New York area," Allan Jensen, n'eat's general manager said. "New Nordic cuisine is all about using local ingredients and being true to that. Everything is local, fresh, strictly in-season. There's a lot of fermenting and pickling—the region is cold, so in the winter it's hard to grow anything. So we use ingredients from the best of both worlds—it would be crazy to import everything."

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Anonymous said...

I'm s'not interested.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for Nordic foods and I live virtually across the street. But TWO menu items that include "rehydrated beets?"

Anonymous said...

They are into sandwichs

Anonymous said...

Yawnski (yawn in Nordic)

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting family in Sweden for 30 years and I don't see anything on this menu that suggest that part of the world or fish prepared as it is in the Nordic countries. I'm not saying this place's food is not good it just seems to be hitching its wagon on something trending on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:30
Shocking!!! An ingredient that's used in more than one dish.

Just the usual boring ingredients - sea buck thorn, raw mackerel, gammel knas, duck heart.

Anon @ 10:54
Sweden is one of five Nordic countries.

Why do so many try to knock down a local business before they've even tried it?

Anonymous said...

At 11:55am--some people just have a reflexive negative response that results in criticism.

Anonymous said...

Nordic food is disgusting. I'm Norwegian and believe me it's nothing to be proud of. Lutefisk anyone?

JQ LLC said...

That turf is stupid. Is it there because tacky imitation grass is plentiful in the Nordic?

Anonymous said...

Is this the East Village's answer to Public Televisions New Scandinavian Cooking?

Anonymous said...

Just went there... I love Nordic food... This place is pretentious with tiny portions...

Scuba Diva said...

"Potatoes puree—duck heart—poached egg yolk"

But where's the lutefisk?

Anonymous said...

What a rude person the hostess was today.

We live about a block away and popped our head in for a hello and to try it out.
Tonight - cold rainy Tuesday - 8:30pm and 2/3rd s of the place empty.

We gave a simple hello, welcome to the neighborhood and said that we'd enjoy to join them for a meal.

In a clipped cold voice .. "do you have a reservation" ...

us: "we'll, we live next door and wanted to try the new in the neighborhood"

"no reservation. we can't help you. maybe some other night."

us: riiiggghhhtttt ... maybe not some other night

we went to one of the hundred other restaurants in the vicinity; and walked by an hour later. Still only 1/3rd full and now they've lost 2 people who live a stones throw away.

Just dumb.
Could have said a hundred other things.
rude and dismissive is just not how to woo patrons to your new establishment.

Welcome to the neighborhood.
Now get the f out.