Wednesday, May 3, 2017

90s Forever on 9th Street this month

[Photo by Steven]

Stylist and vintage-thrift enthusiast, Amanda Dolan (pictured above), founder of Spark Pretty, is opening a 1990s-inspired pop-up shop at 333 E. Ninth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue. The shop opens tomorrow (Thursday!) through May 30.


Anonymous said...

Oh no , i sense a gang war between her and "Mr Throwback"

Anonymous said...

I am officially old, weren't the 90's like a few weeks ago?

marjorie said...

Whenever I see a wee NYU hipster in a flippy little skater dress -- black velvet choker around her neck, ripped tights and Doc Martens -- I want to lean into her face and snarl, "I ONCE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE YOU! AS I AM NOW, SO YOU WILL BE, PREPARE FOR DEATH AND FOLLOW ME!"

But I don't.

(Wish I'd kept all those size 6 Betsey Johnsons for my own teenager, tho.)