Friday, May 5, 2017

A look at the MTA's new @LinkNYC on wheels

Back on April 18, Gov. Cuomo announced that the first of 79 new buses equipped with Wi-Fi service and USB ports have arrived for service in Manhattan.

Per the MTA news advisory on this:

After the initial delivery of 3 buses this week, units will arrive at a rate of approximately 3 to 5 buses per week. All 79 buses will be in service by the end of this year and will be based at the MTA’s Tuskegee Depot, running on the M14, M15, M101, M102 and M103.

Anyway, I finally saw one out in the wilds ... on Third Avenue and St. Mark's Place... Go Big Blue!

Per the MTA:

The addition of Wi-Fi provides a new level of connectivity to New Yorkers, bringing ease and convenience to those working, reading emails, or checking in on their social media accounts without impacting their cellular data plans. The number of USB ports on buses will range from 35-55, depending on the make and model, and will be conveniently located throughout the bus.

As for the non-blue-and-gold buses, the MTA is retrofitting the existing fleet with the same "digital-age amenities" as the new ones.

Hopefully Cuomo and Co. will come to their senses and bring back the two-tone green ones...

[Image via the MTA]


Scuba Diva said...

I just did a search to corroborate what I thought I had heard before: that public wi-fi is hackable.

Good news: you can take steps to prevent hacking—but it's still safer to connect at home, if you have WiFi at home.

Anonymous said...

Such Cuomo flashy BS... meanwhile the subway infrastructure is rotting and we're still standing on N-R-W and A-C-E platforms wondering when the train is actually arriving.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen one of these buses yet but my first impression is that the deep blue is not exactly highly visible on a non sunny dat. I know a bus is maybe the biggest thing allowed on our streets but since few people are paying any attention at all these days (yes talking about you phone addicts) I see trouble ahead.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the new flashy buses and they are Gone are the horrible advertisements on the outside. Instead we are treated to a sleek and not-displeasing graphic design.
But those old green buses were the bomb. That ticking change counter in the front with the slot in which you put your change and watch it drop through like an arcade game..the prize being you got to ride the bus. NO change? Don't worry, the bus driver had a change maker on his belt and would happily dole out the required coins for you in change for your greenbacks.

Giovanni said...

I like the new busses but they kind of look like the shuttle you take to the car rental lots at the airport. They actually blend into better, and they also don't have those blinding 1000 watt LED billboards that can cause epileptic seizures when they are blinking at night. Agree with 10:07AM, the green buses are so retro. I'd trade in one of those old fare boxes with the little flap at the end of the change chute, and the trap door that the coins disappeared into, in exchange for these new whirring metro card readers any day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, joy, now people can fight over access to USB ports on the bus? Yeah, like that'll make me vote for Cuomo. NOT.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of taxpayer money. These buses must cost a fortune that this city and state do not have. Cuomo and De Blasio strategy here is to make everything so convenient that no one cares nor ask where the money is coming from. In return we (not I) continue to vote this ticket into office. Sad but true

Anonymous said...

Traffic generators.

Here's an idea folks:

Buy portable USB power. Plug it into your laptop or wall to fill it up with power and there you go.

PeachyMcPeachface said...

Loved those old green buses. And the driver made change! I would never ever use wifi in a public place. And the paint job is godawful. Not liking this.