Friday, May 12, 2017

Nest watch in Tompkins Square Park

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

For the fourth consecutive spring, red-tailed hawk couple Christo and Dora once again welcome home(?) a new batch of hawklets, as Goggla has been documenting.

To date, it has been difficult to tell how many kids are up in the nest in Tompkins Square Park. There has been visual confirmation of at least one...

[Photos by Steven]

Per Goggla:

"The number of hawk babies up in the nest in Tompkins Square is still difficult to determine. Christo and Dora definitely have one, possibly more, but it's been a challenge to get a good view of what's happening up there. We will just have to wait for the nestling(s) to get bigger."

Until then... a quick recap. Christo and Dora raised their offspring in Tompkins Square Park last spring/summer ... after bringing them up on AC units in 2014 and 2015. No word on a family reunion this summer.


Laura Goggin Photography said...

Thanks for your continuous coverage of the hawks over the years, Grieve! They are a wonderful and important part of our community and have taught us so much about urban wildlife and the environment. We are so lucky to have such an intimate view of Nature right here in our own neighborhood. The Tompkins hawks have shown us things we would never have the opportunity to witness in a rural area.

Anonymous said...

A very long selfie stick, carefully positioned, could very well take the photo that tells all.

Gojira said...

And thank YOU, Goggla, for your untiring efforts to include those of us without your camera skills (and in my case, the sharp eyesight that would allow me to see all the magical moments you catch) in your ongoing quest to document Dora and Christo's lives.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Thak you, Gojira. :)