Sunday, May 7, 2017

Report: Postal worker arrested after allegedly kicking door, hitting cops

Gothamist has a report on a U.S. Postal employee's bad day yesterday afternoon.

Things reportedly began when letter carrier Daniel Jean tried to deliver mail to the Columbia Care medical marijuana dispensary at 212 E. 14th St. just east of Third Avenue. The security guard wouldn't allow him to enter, and offered to take the mail instead. Jean refused. He ended up coming back three times, the last in which he allegedly kicked and damaged the front door.

Police caught up with Jean on 11th Street and Third Avenue. Per Gothamist: "When police tried to arrest him, the NYPD spokesperson said that Jean allegedly hit two of the cops, injuring their hands, knees and backs."

The NYPD charged Jean with criminal mischief, obstruction of governmental administration and assault.

EVG file photo

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Anonymous said...

Well at least he's dedicate to getting the mail delivered.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me. We had once nice mailman, but he moved to another area, and we have a rotating cast of characters who are always on their cell phones and seem interested in anything but delivering mail. What is it with the East Village post office?

Anonymous said...

Is this the first of a new trend of government workers "Going Postal?"

Anonymous said... there video of him damaging the property..or the guards word..they should have reached out to his superiors first.

Anonymous said...

He was simply hired by the wrong agency he was meant to be hired by the NYPD not the post office.