Saturday, May 6, 2017

Today in photos of police-escorted charter buses on Avenue A

EVG reader Paul Dougherty shares this photo from 9:30 a.m. on Avenue A at Sixth Street... NYPD cruiser (one in front and one in back) escorting three charter buses with tinted windows. The first bus was marked District of Columbia.

Jared Kushner in town checking on his East Village properties? Potential homeowners coming from Steiner East Village? Attendees going to a post-post Met Gala party? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

The Mayor's solution to homelessness in the EV while he continues to demolish rent stabilized buildings?

Andy said...

House Republicans scoping out potential buys once we all die from elevated lead levels and can't get treatment

DrBOP said...

Toledano legal team?

Iwanka make-up and hair attendants?

M(el)ANIA relatives rescue squad?

Knicks emegency replacement team?

Dolan security squad driving to Oakley's pad?

Derek Jeter complimentary ex-girlfriends shuttle
to Jeter Day Extravaganza?

Putin moving into Drumpf Dower?

Buzzfeed journo-assault team?

SantaCon Spring Break scouting ops?

Ray's summer egg-cream supply delivery?

Maceo bringin' 'da funk?

Anonymous said...

The Donald meeting Putin for a Friends-with-Benefits meeting?

Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter Day is next Sunday.

Btw fuck him for partnering up with the guy who rigged the 2000 presidential election "Jeb" Bush to buy the Miami Marlins.

How does an ex-governor of a state get to buy an MLB team in that state?

Will someone sue MLB and the Marlins for playing favorites? What else? Bush was the governor of Florida and now he's buying one of the state's MLB teams, How were any of his competitors supposed to get a fair shake with the bidding and application process?

Pinch said...

Go Mets!

Anonymous said...

The VIP Guests going to Crusty Row