Thursday, June 20, 2019

EVG Etc.: LGBTQ landmarks in the East Village; affordable housing lottery at Essex Crossing

[TBT to Sunday in Tompkins via Derek Berg]

• Exploring 23 LGBTQ landmarks in the East Village and Noho (6sqft)

• Pride and Stonewall through the lens of Fred W. McDarrah (The New Yorker)

• Affordable housing lottery for seniors underway in Essex Crossing (The Lo-Down)

• E-bikes and e-scooters are now legal in New York (CBS 2)

• Prosecutor: Dealer sold deadly fentanyl out of Union Square restaurants (Daily News)

• Opinion piece on how the NYPD ignores reckless drivers who injure cyclists (Streetsblog) Hunter College survey finds that nearly one-third of Manhattan cyclists are distracted by electronics while riding. Also in the survey: Only 2 percent of pedestrian injuries are caused by people on bikes, according to NYPD data. (The Post)

• Pete Wells finds menu items with "nuance" in one-star review of Vietnamese newcomer Van Da on Fourth Street near Avenue B (The New York Times)

• Best bagels in NYC — mapped (Eater)

• This series, starting tonight, showcases works representing "different aesthetic and critical relationships to the prison institution: from provocative, activist documentaries to inmate-made films, from commercial exploitation cinema to classic escape dramas, and more" (Anthology Film Archives)

• An illustrative look at the harsh summer life in LES tenements during the 1890s (Ephemeral New York)

• In the West Village, Three Lives & Company bookstore is back in action after a DOB-mandated building closure (JVNY)

• Ugh from 58th Street: "The Paris Theater, the last great single-screen prestige picture palace in New York, is expected to shutter in late August" (Deadline)

• "Jaws" and "Eraserhead" play (in separate theaters!) this weekend at midnight (IFC Center)


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the percentage is of drivers, especially those Uber, Lyft and Via folks whose are always trying to figure where they are on their phones-GPS's?

Anonymous said...

I'm mystified that Eater didn't include Black Seed in their Bagel roll-up. Sure, they're hipster bagels, I guess, and god knows we all miss DeRobertis, but they're easily on par with Tompkins Square Bagels (and that's saying a lot).


It's too bad Fenty isn't one of those dealers who dips into their own stash. Selling people fentanyl as heroin is beyond a dick move.

sophocles said...

I agree with 2:01 that Black Seed's bagels should be on the list. I don't know what "hipster" means in this context, but they are cooked in wood-burning oven, Montreal style, and are my go-to bagel.