Friday, June 14, 2019

Tree Bistro returns, though without the garden space for now

Tree Bistro is back in service this week ... nearly eight months after the six-alarm fire tore through neighboring 188 First Ave. between 11th Street and 12th Street.

That fire also wiped out Tree Bistro's garden dining area ... and caused other damage inside the restaurant.

For now, the restaurant's outdoor space remains closed, which causes some space issues. Here's more via the Tree Bistro website:

We miss the garden more than anyone — but the delicious cuisine, charming and eclectic decor, and above all attention to our customers that is the hallmark of Tree Bistro will be in abundance in our inside dining room.

Since our capacity has been reduced by more than a third, we recommend reservations at all times, and we do please ask that you confirm or cancel your reservations should plans change so that we can accommodate all who wish to experience Tree Bistro. We appreciate your understanding as we all adjust to this temporarily smaller format and are excited to see you soon ...

Uogashi, the Japanese restaurant in the retail space at 188 First Ave., is not expected to return. The Uogashi website, now offline, had listed "permanently closed" under their hours of operation.

Officials said they believe the fire, which injured 17 people, including 14 firefighters, began inside Uogashi. An exact cause has not been made public.

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Anonymous said...

Tree Bistro is a fabulous restaurant. The staff is warm. The cuisine is delicious and eclectic. I certainly hope they were compensated for being closed during such a long period of time. I also hope the garden opens up at some point too. Welcome back!