Thursday, June 27, 2019

How about another look inside the former Grassroots Tavern space on St. Mark's Place

[EVG photo]

Work continues inside the graffiti-filled lower storefront at the landmarked 20 St. Mark's Place, previously home to the Grassroots Tavern.

EVG contributor Derek Berg checked in on the state of those murals that workers recently uncovered inside the space — still there...

We wrote about these murals on May 21. We don't know much about them or what pre-Grassroots business they were associated with.

Here's a reminder:

As noted many times before, No. 20, known as the Daniel LeRoy House, was built in 1832 here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. (It received landmark status in 1971, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.)

Past lives of this subterranean space — via Daytonian in Manhattan — include a theater-saloon called Paul Falk's Tivoli Garden in the 1870s... in the 1930s, the Hungarian Cafe and Restaurant resided here before becoming a temperance saloon called the Growler.

Who's next? We don't know. For nearly 18 months Bob Precious had tried to open a bar-pub here, but those plans never materialized. The space was recently taken off the rental market.

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Clean up the facade!

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In April 1876 William Hoschke was the proprietor of the concert garden at 18 - 20 St. Mark's Place "formally managed by the late Paul Falk." Mr. Hoschke was accused of violating the law "prohibiting the sale of liquors in connection with the representation of theatrical entertainment."

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WOW! The murals are being trashed!

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Really saddenwd at the trashing of these

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource