Monday, June 17, 2019

St. Mark's Vegan Food Court debuts at 12 St. Mark's Place

[Image via Instagram]

At 12 St. Mark's Place, the 4-year-old Vspot has joined forces with three other establishments to debut the St. Mark's Vegan Food Court, now in soft-open mode here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Joining Vspot are Marty's V Burger, Cheff' Rootsie's veggie grub and Jam Pâstre. You can find the individual menus at this link.

Vspot has been the longest-tenured food-drinks venture at the address in recent years, where Hanjoo, Hirai Mong, Gama, San Marcos, Siren and @Cafe have come and gone.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately they've changed the v-spot menu for the worse. Fewer and different "Mexican" options. The v-spot burrito for instance, and another couple burritos, are replaced by the single kale burrito which was not so hot--tough, very light on the guac, salty.