Friday, June 14, 2019

Last weekend for Miscelanea NY

[Priscilla Leon and Guillaume Guevara in January]

As we first reported on June 5, Guillaume Guevara announced that he was closing Miscelanea NY, his 4-year-old quick-serve Mexican cafe and shop at 63 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery.

Sunday is the shop's last day in business. As he shared on Instagram...

On Wednesday, I asked Guevara for more on why he's decided to close up shop.

"I am moving to Mexico for my son to learn Spanish — that is the main reason. But of course, there are other secondary reasons such as the high operating costs, as usual, in NYC."

Miscelanea NY drew praise for not only its tasty Mexican food, but also Guevara's commitment to helping educating customers about the country.

"To me, Miscelanea is not just a Mexican store, it's an all-inclusive trip to Mexico. You can learn about the culture through our books, about the fashion through our clothes, and about the cuisine through our food," he told EVG contributor Stacie Joy in January. "People in NYC know that there’s more to Mexico than mariachi and tequila, but unfortunately the Mexican stigma is still there for some Americans who have not visited Mexico in recent years. I always encourage our customers to visit Mexico; in fact, many of them come to me to ask for recommendations of places to visit, stay and eat while in Mexico. I love it!"

Photos by Stacie Joy

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Anonymous said...

Fuck. This sucks. Why is everything closing in the EV?

Anonymous said...

Aww this one hurts. Always loved that spot