Sunday, June 23, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Sign painting at Van Leeuwen on 7th Street via Derek Berg]

• Garbage truck parking situation on 10th Street still stinks, residents say (Thursday)

• RIP Joe Overstreet (Tuesday)

• Photo exclusive: Take a look inside the former Hells Angels clubhouse on 3rd Street (Monday)

• A visit to St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery (Wednesday)

• Explosion-site condoplex reaches the top (Friday)

• The Gem Spa Zoltar is alive and well and telling fortunes an L-train ride away in Bushwick (Wednesday) "Gem Spa is open" (Tuesday)

• Raphael Toledano to pay $3 million, faces possible lifetime real-estate ban, for harassing EV tenants (Friday)

• Report: 18 years to life for man who murdered Elizabeth Lee on Cooper Square (Friday)

• What happened to the DeRobertis neon sign on 1st Avenue? (Monday)

• Grant Shaffer's NY See (Thursday)

[The 6 & B Community Garden via riachung00]

• The Richard Morrison and Bill Rice exhibit at SHFAP (Monday)

• East Village merchant pride (Monday)

• Report: LPC approves transfer of air rights across St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

• St. Mark's Vegan Food Court debuts at 12 St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• The MTA wonders if you'll shop at this CVS machine in Union Square (Friday)

• The 411 on the 101 Condominium (Wednesday)

• So long to 238 E. 3rd St. (Tuesday)

• 2 storefronts shaping up on 2nd Avenue for Calexico and Brasserie Saint Marc (Wednesday)

• Report: Ricky's will be down to 2 NYC locations (Wednesday)

• Anything to lose sleep over? That empty Raymour & Flanigan space on 14th Street (Monday)

• A reminder that First Lamb Shabu is coming soon to 14th Street (Monday)

... and it will feel more like summer when workers put away the snowblower in Tompkins Square Park...


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why is it taking so long to finish the playgrounds in Tompkins Square park? There are hardly ever any workers in there and it seems they could have finished the job weeks ago. Seems cruel to keep that whole area fenced off now that it's summer. Kids wanna play!