Sunday, June 16, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Photo on Astor Place by Derek Berg]

Posts from this past week included...

What is happening at Gem Spa? (Tuesday)

The 14th Street busway debuts on July 1 (Wednesday)

Amelia and Christo's 2nd 2019 chick dies (Tuesday)

A visit to Zadie's Oyster Room on 12th Street (Wednesday)

Q&A with the director of the short film "Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews" (Friday)

Supper's 1970s-style subway-car look on 2nd Street (Tuesday)

Report: Former Hells Angels HQ will become 22-unit residential building with retail (Monday)

A look at 131 1st Ave., currently being divided into 3 retail spaces (Tuesday)

Tree Bistro returns, though without the garden space for now (Friday)

Last weekend for Miscelanea NY (Friday)

Tai Thai is back in action (Wednesday)

183 Avenue B will be demolished for a new 8-story residential building (Thursday)

Going 'Ape' over this gate at the East Village Vintage Collective (Monday)

Reader report: "marauding drunks" kill young tree on 7th Street (Thursday)

#NoKidsInCages spotted on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday)

Bike lane paint returning to 1st Avenue (Monday)

Taking a seat for social change in Tompkins Square Park (Thursday)

Ray's Candy Store the setting for one of these "East Side Stories" at the Metropolitan Playhouse (Friday)

"Sayonara, Bitches" — about the last show at Art on A Gallery (Thursday)

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll debuts on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

Ravi DeRossi bringing Indian cuisine to his former Fire & Water space on 7th Street (Wednesday)

Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour at Tompkins Square Park (Sunday)

Signage is up for Auriga Cafe on Avenue A (Monday)

Gabriel Stulman seeking sidewalk cafe license for Great Jones Cafe replacement The Jones (Monday)

Squish Marshmallows only taking appointments for the summer (Wednesday)

Jin Kitchen and Bar closes on 3rd Avenue (Thursday)

Farewell to the leaning tree of 3rd Street (Tuesday)

Blue Bottle Coffee now open on Astor Place (Monday)

Whiteout at the former Sidewalk (Monday)

... and that is NOT a new logo for Trader Joe's at the retailer's space coming to 432 E. 14th St. ...


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1 comment:

Giovanni said...

And...last night at about 10PM on St Marks Place and 2nd Avenue some angry drunk guy, likely a crusty, beat a woman (likely his girlfriend) unconscious. He reportedly beat her with a backpack and laid her out in the street. A massive police response quickly followed. The cops arrested the man and took the woman to the hospital. Hopefully she recovers soon, and the boyfriend goes to jail where he belongs.