Monday, June 10, 2019

Gabriel Stulman seeking sidewalk cafe license for Great Jones Cafe replacement The Jones

As you may know, restaurateur Gabriel Stulman is opening a new venture called The Jones in the former Great Jones Cafe space.

And tonight, Team Stulman will appear before Community Board 2 in a bid for a three-table/six-seat sidewalk cafe for The Jones on Great Jones Street west of the Bowery...

This item is just one that CB2 will hear at NYU's Silver Hall, 32 Waverly Place, room 405, per the public notices on the Bowery and Great Jones.

Meanwhile, the planning continues for The Jones...

The Jones also has a teaser site that mentions a fall 2019 opening date.

Stulman, under his Happy Cooking Hospitality, operates a handful of West Village establishments, including Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey's Grocery, Fedora, Fairfax and Bar Sardine.

Great Jones Cafe never reopened after Jim Moffett, the longtime owner, died last July at age 59. The Cafe, a popular yet low-key spot, first arrived in 1983.

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Giovanni said...

Three outdoor tables, a/k/a The Smoking Lounge. When will restaurants with outdoor tables start to enforce the no smoking rule instead of ignoring the patrons who go out there and smoke all day?

The Vapers are even worse, hiding their Juuls in the palm of their hand and puffing whenever they think no one is looking. The chemicals in those things are no doubt hazardous in ways we don't yet now, but Vapers act like all that vapor is harmless, just like every addict of every other drug, until its too late.