Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Your chance to hear about the proposed bike lane for Avenue B

[Photo by Sam Bleiberg]

Updated 6/20: Community Board 3's Transportation, Public Safety, & Environment Committee unanimously voted in favor of asking the DOT to report back on the feasibility of bike lanes on Avenue B.


As we first reported on April 15, a movement is underway to secure bike lanes on Avenue B, an increasingly congested 14-block corridor currently without any marked paths for cyclists such as on Avenue A and Avenue C.

You can hear more about the proposal tonight during a presentation before Community Board 3's Transportation, Public Safety, & Environment Committee. The meeting starts at 6:30 at the University Settlement, Houston Street Center, 273 Bowery.

Avenue B bike-lane organizers are hopeful that the CB3 committee will recommend further study by the DOT.

Per organizers:

We need your support at this meeting to send the message that our community needs to prioritize street safety, bike lanes and green infrastructure over space for cars! The East River Greenway will be closing for three years next Spring, and our community needs a protected space for bike riding in the Lower East Side!

Some background: The idea came about via parents who bike their children to area schools — including the East Village Community School, the Children's Workshop School, Tompkins Square Middle School, the Earth School and East Side Community High School.

You can read more via a petition at this link.

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Anonymous said...

This is not practical and not necessary. If you need a bike lane, use a different avenue. Or don't use the bike lane.

Anonymous said...

It's true: Avenue B is too narrow to support two-way traffic, as well as a bike lane (or lanes? because if these people can't/won't use any other avenues, they'll need to go both directions on Ave B) AND parking, which is needed in the area.

I'm pro bike. I'm pro bike lanes. I just think trying to add bike lanes to ave B is not necessary.

(also, the argument they the greenway is closing so they have no place to ride bikes is a completely separate issue: it isn't exactly a convenient way to get around the neighborhood.)

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:04:

What does it even mean I am pro bike and pro bike lanes if you are clearly AGAINST installing a bike lane ?

Why do you think parking is needed but a bike lane is not necessary ?

Anonymous said...

So, what, having a street that is essentially a line of traffic between a two-lane parking lot *is* necessary? There's plenty of space for, you know, actual people, moving, walking, biking...IF we get rid of some of the largely free car storage that we're providing because of...why again?

Anonymous said...

Why are we giving up valuable public space so you can have a mobile pied-a terre stored for free on space that could be parks or bike lanes or other things that contribute to the health and enjoyment of the neighborhood? Why should you get to take up all this space while polluting everywhere you go? It's rather selfish if you think about it. Cars have no place in a densely packed urban area, and it's time for them to get out of our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 3:42--there are bike lanes on A, 1st and 2nd. There is room for them on C

Realistically, right now, there are still cars in manhattan (and I don't see that changing, short term) and for *some* people, cars are a necessary evil--if you have a reverse commute, for example.

I am pro bike and pro bike lane, I ride a bike often to get around.I walk a lot. I take the subway. but I also am practical and open minded.

Anonymous said...

So much car hate. Many people need cars for work, and they need somewhere to park. B isn't busy, zero need for dedicated bike lane.

Anonymous said...

Avenue B works as it is for everyone. I am both a driver and a biker, and don't have a problem being either. If we all drive and bike like everyone around us is about to do something unpredictable, we would prevent many accidents.