Wednesday, January 8, 2020

C&B Cafe is no longer part of Paper Daisy on St. Mark's Place

[Photos by Steven]

C&B Cafe's time at Paper Daisy on St. Mark's Place has come to an end.

Back in September, the C&B logo was replaced at 39 St. Mark's Place with signage for Bar Ilegal. However, C&B was still operating in the space on weekends.

Late last week, signage arrived on the door noting that Bar Ilegal — originally a temporary "mezcal den" with live music — was returning ... while the cafe business had closed...

C&B Cafe debuted here in March 2019 in this spot just east of Second Avenue, making this the second East Village outpost of the well-liked cafe that opened on Seventh Street near Avenue B in January 2015.

C&B chef-owner Ali Sahin was brought in to be the executive chef for Paper Daisy, the cocktail bar that opened last March via the owners of Boulton & Watt and Drexler’s, among other credits.

Meanwhile, C&B Cafe continued on at its original location at 178 E. Seventh St. No word at the moment if Sahin has any role with Paper Daisy now. We reached out to Paper Daisy for more information.

Paper Daisy took over the space that belonged to Cafe Orlin, which closed in October 2017 after 36 years of service.

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Anonymous said...

Kinda sneaky second bar opening shows what kind of neighbors these owners are How did they get two liquor licenses that close together?? Bar Ileagl is often a menace on this part of St Marks the live music can be way to loud, they have a fuck you attitude about it and other issues they put their sign on the narrowest part of the the sidewalk so