Monday, January 6, 2020

L-train construction fence finally comes down on 14th Street — 3 weeks after the Associated closed

[Obscured view of the former Associated from Dec. 14]

The Associated Supermarket on 14th Street in Stuy Town closed in mid-December.

Joseph Falzon, the store’s owner, previously told Crain's that a confluence of factors had cut business nearly in half. For starters, construction on 14th Street for the L-train upgrades obscured the single-level storefront with a 12-foot fence these past two-plus years.

Now, roughly three weeks after the store closed, workers removed that fence from the north side of 14th Street ... offering unobstructed views of the now-shuttered supermarket...

The corner of 14th Street and Avenue A has served as the main staging area for the L-train reconstruction dating back to July 2017.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Associated but it’s not like people didn’t know they were there. I think the small businesses on the south side of 14th have been much more affected by the lack of visibility. Hopefully the new Trader Joe’s foot traffic will help them.

Anonymous said...

MTA and de Blasio have shown a complete lack of consideration for businesses - this was true during 2nd Ave. subway construction, and it's true on 14th St. as well. This is unfortunately just typical dysfunction in NYC; NO help or support from de Blasio!

Giovanni said...

I still cant believe that Associated didn't even put up a nice bug thank you sign to say goodbye to all of their loyal customers who fought for them to stay. The good news is that it is no longer an existential threat to ride a bike down that part of 14th Street, which has otherwise turned into one of the best bike lanes in the city due to the ban on most cars. Those 30 seconds of fast pedaling while avoiding traffic were not fun.

Anonymous said...

@Giovanni safer to ride a bike in that area? That area is a construction zone, there are no bike lanes here. It is not safer, in this particular area.

Anonymous said...

Although the city can and should help, and it might does, the MTA is under state control, not the city's.