Thursday, January 2, 2020

Mi Tea currently closed for renovations on St. Mark's Place

The Mi Tea location on 19-23 St. Mark's Place has been dark in recent days.

Someone told us the sign basically says "closed for renovations" ...

Mi Tea opened here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue in October 2018. This was the fifth U.S. branch (there's one in Flushing) for the Hangzhou, China-based chain with 1,000 locations worldwide. Their speciality: Himalayan pink salted cheese tea drinks.

No word on when or if they will reopen. There's a lot of bubble tea competition in the area.

The space is also adjacent to St. Mark's Market, which closed back in the fall. These businesses have been under the doom and gloom of a sidewalk bridge for two to three years now.

Thanks to EVG Bubble Tea District Correspondent Steven for the photos!

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The Financial Malaise said...

theyve got the best cheese tea. hope they re open