Thursday, January 2, 2020

A 2020 look at 24 2nd Ave., now with a high-end Mathieu Lehanneur showroom

From the posts-we-never-got-around-to-posting-in-2019 department, here's, perhaps, a last look at 24 Second Ave. (aka 32 E. First St.), the 10-story condoplex with ground-floor retail on site of a former BP gas station.

We've been documenting the building's progress these past four-plus years. As previously reported, the building features 30 condos. The building's website — "meticulous meets magnificence" — lists five units available for purchase, with prices ranging from $1.375 million to $3.625 million.

The marketing materials note that the residences were "inspired by a modern interpretation of Italian rationalist design, the living spaces are designed with sleek detailing and rich character with each corner and angle offering up a visual experience."

Also, that ballerina mural via French artist JR that went up on an adjacent building in December 2015 remains in view for the building's outdoor space. (Some units also have ballerina views.)

[Photo from December 2015]

Meanwhile, signage for the Mathieu Lehanneur showroom arrived in early November ... it took multiple requests to several sources at the address to learn whether this was a full-time endeavor or merely a pop-up shop for the designer. (Apparently full time, though the showroom is by appointment only.)

These photos are from early November...

... and a view of the building from First Street from the same time...

The BP station closed in July 2014. This was the second-to-last gas station in the East Village, joined later by the Mobil station on Avenue C and East Houston in September 2014.

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I have tried a few times on different days to get into that art gallery on the ground floor but the doors are always locked and there never appears to be anyone working inside. Hopefully they will open it up for public viewing one of these days.

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