Sunday, January 5, 2020

The legal battle behind the closing of Eleven Consignment Boutique

As previously reported, Eleven Consignment Boutique closed on First Avenue and 11th Street some time in late November or early December, angering customers who had items for sale inside.

The Park Slope outpost of the high-end used clothing and accessories store also shuttered without any warning, per Bklyner.

As the Post reports today, a lawsuit among partners is to blame for the sudden closure.

Elizabeth Murphy, who ran the business with her husband Ben Malik Marambiri, said they were forced to turn it over to former partners, Kisito Mone and Romeo Hien, after years of litigation, which included allegations of breach of contract and misappropriation of money, finally ended in June.

Murphy says Mone didn’t want to put in the work to run the businesses.

And Mone's reaction?

Mone denied the business was turned over to him, although he said he returned the keys to Murphy and Karambiri’s new lawyer, Rania Sedhom.

Sedhom said she gave the keys to a representative of the court-appointed receiver who was named to oversee the stores’ assets.

The receiver, Steven Mitnick told The Post that those seeking their goods could call his associate Marc Miceli at 908-572-7275. He refused to provide any further information.

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Anonymous said...

that seems very shady and I hope those with items for consignment get their matters resolved as the boutique offered very pricey consignment pieces, this was no Buffalo Exchange

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Anonymous said...

This information the NY Post printed is inaccurate. I called the 908 phone number and the firm said they declined the appointment and have nothing to do with this case. They gave no other information. I have tried contacting Rania, the lawyer and have not received a response.