Sunday, January 5, 2020

Week in Grieview

[2nd Avenue F stop. Art by @CityKitty]

Posts from this past holiday week included...

• Remembering a few of our friends and neighbors who died in 2019 (Tuesday)

• Leslie Feinberg on why Prohibition Bakery closed after 8 years on the Lower East Side (Thursday)

• Eleven Consignment Boutique closes, leaving customers without their resale items (Monday)

• An afternoon with Cáit O’Riordan (Tuesday)

• The most-read EVG posts from the past decade (Tuesday)

• Tree Bistro has closed (Monday)

• Have you seen the former Coffee Shop space on Union Square? (Monday)

• Mi Tea currently closed for renovations on St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

• The new East Village Trader Joe's opens on Monday (Friday)

• gathering days by peter radley (Wednesday)

• Where are they now? Hells Angels edition (Thursday)

• 2020 development watch: 75 1st Ave. (Friday)

• Watch the NYPD drive against traffic and in the bike lane on Avenue A (Friday)

• A 2020 look at 24 2nd Ave., now with a high-end Mathieu Lehanneur showroom (Thursday)

• A for rent sign at the Smoke & Beer shop on Avenue A (Monday)

• DOH temporarily closes Mighty Quinn's on 2nd Avenue (Monday)

... and a new mural on Second Street at First Avenue via ... @Winniemmay ...


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Gojira said...

That blue creature looks like something out of the Cantina scene in Star Wars. Love it. Happy New Year, everyone!