Monday, January 6, 2020

What time does the new East Village Trader Joe's open today?

[Photo from Saturday]

At 8 a.m., per the signage here at 436 E. 14th St. just west of Avenue A (or via our post from Friday) ...

[Photo by Mr. Baggs]

This location is open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

We'll likely have quickie reader reactions to the new space... we also plan to do something about the art in the store, which was created by East Village-based illustrator Peter Arkle.

This TJ's location is in the retail space of the newish 8-story luxury rental called EVE. This development is on the site of the onetime Peter Stuyvesant Post Office (1951-2014).

Several readers said that the Peter Stuyvesant PO was elsewhere on this block between Avenue A and First Avenue. You can check out our extensive archives on the demolition of the post office to make way for this development at the links below.

The USPS has been leasing the former Duane Reade at 333 E. 14th St. for retail services these past six years.

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Meanwhile, at everyone's favorite local post office branch...

UPDATED: Did you hear the rumor about the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office branch closing?

Former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office slated to be demolished

The former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office will yield to an 8-story residential building

New residential building at former 14th Street PO will feature a quiet lounge, private dining room

Developer withdraws zoning variance request for former 14th Street post office site

The Peter Stuyvesant-PO-replacing residential building tops out on 14th Street

All about EVE, the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office-replacing rentals on 14th Street

EVErything about the new luxury rentals at the former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office

[Photo by Gian G. via Yelp]


Anonymous said...

That PO photo never gets old. Never forget! LOL.

Anonymous said...

That photo speaks to/for me but I am more than willing to forget.

Anyway happy EVTJ Day everyone.

Anonymous said...

The Stuyvesant PO was absolute hell on earth ... I kind of miss it, LOL

Look, I know everyone is all a-tizzy about TJ's, but without getting into the "Is it a legit grocery store, or just a stoner amusement park?" debate: At this point, what is most annoying is that people are so excited over a STORE. Like I just overheard two dudes at work talking about how excited they are for this East Village TJ's opening—they live in Brooklyn, people, and it's just a grocery store! It took a lot for me not to yell GET LIVES, ALSO MAYBE STOP YOUR ENDLESS SNACKING

Sorry, I'm really not begrudging anyone their snacky crap but if I wanted to hear people ooh and aah over big box stores I would have stayed in the hellscape suburb of my adolescence.

noble neolani said...

went to TJ's around 3 today, I thought pretty crowed but as expected the crowd was mostly over 50 which included some elderly folks. The scale is about the same as the Union Sq store, a bit of a let down after shopping at the Grand St store. The checkout line which at first appareled long was very quick as most people had just a few items each. I also didn't feel the need to stock up since I live 2 short blocks away, a welcome addition although I will keep shopping at other, smaller stores.

Anonymous said...

What's the opposite of a food desert? We've now got Union Market, Key Foods, Whole Foods, several Trader Joe'ses within walking distance...

Anonymous said...

Personally, am thrilled about another Trader Joes. Everything else in the neighborhood is too expensive.

Anonymous said...

I dunno anon 4:30, considering most people in NYC are walking in their neighborhood for food and not cabbing or driving within their neighborhood for food, I wouldn't consider Key Food and Union Market to be in the same area.

Giovanni said...

Maybe we should just call this location Oldster Joe’s. That should scare away the millennials.

Anonymous said...

This TJ's brings lots of jobs to the area and fills a need for many including seniors. I saw plenty of my elderly Stuytown neighbors in there today. It may not be Associated but it will fill many a need, and save people money too. How can anyone have a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Great to have another store!

I just wish it was better meat and produce.

Do not like all the Veg/fruit pre packaged.

Went there this weekend and the meat/Fish area is like 10% of store, think flowers have more real estate.

More for people who want frozen food.