Thursday, May 11, 2017


As you may have heard, the President fired the FBI director the other day.

Anyway, update your LinkedIn profiles! Because there are now "Looking for an FBI Director" flyers on St. Mark's Place.

"I am really looking for an FBI director. This is not a joke! Just trying to drain the swamp and hoping to meet the right person. I am a professional president and have been told 3 times that I am not under investigation. You know who you are. To me each and every person is beautiful. Open to the relationship morphing into something more profound."

No word if interested applicants can drop off résumés at Westminster offices.

Thanks to Goggla for the photo!


Anonymous said...

The Leftside screamfest on Comey's firing is amusing.

Let's look at this, and what I've said before on Comey and the email issues.

First, for the FBI director to issue what amounts to an indictment in public and then recommend no indictment is something that I had never seen before -- and said so. That was clearly a political decision, not a law-enforcement one. You simply can't lay out all of the elements of a criminal offense, which I remind you Comey did (and I reported on at the time) and then say "oh, but no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case" and have that be anything other than politics.

That, standing alone, was enough to get Comey canned, and Obama should have done it instantly. But he didn't.

What appears to be icing on the cake, however, was Comey's apparent false testimony that Huma forwarded hundreds or even thousands of classified emails to Weiner. He made that statement under oath and was forced to retract it in a letter -- apparently the truth is that there were only a couple.

Why does this matter? Quite clearly it does; there's a huge difference between accidentally doing something and intentionally and maliciously doing it. Intentionally feeding an uncleared person classified information, which is exactly what Comey's testimony sounded like coupled with a failure to recommend an indictment of Huma was a clear declaration of political interference with law enforcement.

As it turns out that wasn't what happened at all.

Was that likely responsible for accelerating or simply confirming a decision already underway? Yes. I believe that's exactly what happened.

There is an extremely serious issue in the FBI today when it comes to political interference with law enforcement. We saw it repeatedly during Obama's term; Fast-n-Furious, which resulted in multiple deaths, including one of our own border agents and countless Mexican citizens yet led to no charges, a clear and apparent violation of the law when it comes to Hillary and her staff which also led to no charges and more.

Nowhere is this more-serious in terms of its economic impact, however, than in the health care arena where it is my considered opinion that literal hundreds of thousands of violations of 15 USC are committed daily by actors in that sector and yet not one investigation say much less prosecution has taken place.

Is this all at the feet of Obama? Hell no. The FBI has ignored that issue for a literal 30 years! Never mind what certainly looked to me like bank fraud when it comes to all the robosigning and other games played with deeds and records, all of which was intended to, and did, induce banks to make loans and sell paper that in fact were worthless.

Comey had to go -- and that he kept putting his schwantz in his own mouth on national television was a national disgrace repeated time after time for anyone who cared to look. That doing so screwed this person or that depending on which day it was doesn't surprise.

Is this "the dawn of a new age" when it comes to the FBI and its leadership? I doubt it. But at some point you have to take the clumsy political hack and cut his head off on television even if the only thing you do to replace him is find someone who's a political hack but can engage his brain first.

Scuba Diva said...

I sure hope they drain the swamp this time.

Anonymous said...

@7:53 tl;dr

DrBOP said...

Not-So Anon 7:53pm

"....and that he kept putting his schwantz in his own mouth on national tv was a national disgrace repeated time after time for anyone who cared to look."

.....sorry, thought you were talkin' about Drumpf.'ve hit the BIG yer own Drumpf Trolley Troll....links and sources that are learned, fair and BEYOND question non-partisan.....indignent that we just can't tell what is "really" true because the free press is a fantasy (got that, NYTimes, WashPo, Mother!).....and EVERYthing is going according to plan (yeah, if fuckin' Popeye was in charge!)
GIGO....garbage in garbage out.

Dasvidaniya, you li'l anon you!

equilibrist said...

Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but these really look like they were done by the "Looking for a girlfriend" guy.

Anonymous said...

it's not the firing
it's the timing and all the stories and lies

DrGecko said...

@equilibrist - (insert meme here) - THAT'S THE JOKE

(It's not the same guy - design is different - look at the tabs at the bottom, for example; method of attaching to the pole is different. )

Anonymous said...

President JERKOFF to be out-of-office BEFORE June 2018..Sorry I wish it was sooner.

Anonymous said...


Gojira said...

I'm looking for a new president.

Anonymous said...

Haha signs are great until the end, then they start using 6th-grade English.

Donald Trump, President said...

May 11, 2017 at 7:53 PM – I'm guessing that not a single reader bothered to get past your first sentence. Sad!