Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday

Sixth Street and Cooper Square.

And the line outside Professor Thom's (a Patriots bar) on Second Avenue at 8 a.m. ...

They open at 10 a.m. for brunch in case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

8 hours of drinking before the game???? Yikes stripes, get hobbies people.

Anonymous said...


Giovanni said...

Since the NFL only invited Justin Timberlake to do the halftime show, the perpetrator on Nipplegate, a man who has just released a really lousy album, today starting at noon it is officially Janet Jackson Appreciation Day. Here’s one review of Justin Timberlakes “Man Of The Woods” album:

“We are now approaching the 12th year of the national delusion that Justin Timberlake remains an essential pop star.” The New York Times

Vulture said : “At it's worst, “Man of the Woods” is like eavesdropping on the kinds of couples who go out in matching outfits.”

As the Philadelphia Inquirer said, “Justin TImberlake needs a new brand manager”

And so begins Janet Jackson Appreciation Day:

“With music by our side, to break the color lines, let’s work together to improve our way of life, join voices in protest to social injustice, A generation full of courage, we are a part of the Rhythm Nation” #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay

Anonymous said...

8.5 hours as the Super Bowl starts at 6:30pm.

I'm guessing these people are Eagles/anti-Patriots fans who want to numb themselves to the Patriots likely record-tying sixth Super Bowl win in a record ten tries (as the Steelers have six SB rings in eight tries.)

JQ LLC said...

When JT comes on, put it on mute and play Discharge Hear, See, Say Nothing Album

Fuck Bald Brady, Go Foles and the Eagles. Final Score 31-13. (Apologies to fellow Giants fans)


I love you

Anonymous said...

I walked by there at 7am on Sunday monrning and there were already a half dozen or so patrons lined up, and seated in their beach chairs. Not only did they wait 11 eleven hours for the start of the game, they waited at least 3 hours until brunch was served. How crazy are football fans? Don't answer that.

Anonymous said...

JQ's score prediction was off by only two numerals / the first numeral of each team's point total.

He predicted 31-13 Eagles. The Eagles won 41-33.

Too bad he didn't place a bet with Vegas on what the second numeral of each team's point total would be (if such a thing could be bet on.)

There are only six outcomes up to 41-33: 21-13, 31-13, 31-23, 41-23, 41-33 (11-3 can't be counted as 3 is just one numeral thus the losing team has no second numeral.)

JQ LLC said...


I wish I had connections too, but I don't really gamble anyway, although it's fun to guess and more fun to be right. I expected Brady to either show his age, for his luck to run out or get injured during the game, it looks like I was right on the second one and a little on the first because Brady made some awful plays and passes at the wrong time.


Football fans might be crazy but the majority of them are not stupid to wait outside for hours for one bar when you can go anywhere in the city or just have a house party to watch the game.

I don't know the deal with that bar so I will surmise that it's one of those status seeker ones. And those people and anyone like them are imbeciles to wait on a long ass line just to go in one bar or to buy some goddamn product. F' them.