Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A multi-vehicle collision with injuries reported on 2nd Avenue at 14th Street

Photojournalist Jefferson Siegel shared this photo from this evening around 7 at Second Avenue and 14th Street ... where there was a multiple-car collision. A cyclist was also struck.

A Lyft driver appeared to be unconscious and was trapped in his car for several minutes until firefighters were able to free him. He was removed to the hospital. The bicyclist appeared shaken. The condition of the other two drivers was unknown. Police stopped southbound traffic on 2nd Avenue at 15th Street.

The above photo shows firefighters working to remove the Lyft driver after placing a neck brace on him.

No word at the moment about the cause of the collision.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Not good. I hope there were no serious injuries or fatalities. So many accidents here in the EV. I guess more news will come be coming in with this. Please, let's all be careful.

Anonymous said...

Not having these app drivers do the same training as yellow cab drivers is bad for NYC. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

There are just too many of these app-driven maniacs on the street (thanks, millennials, for fueling this scourge), and they do not know how to drive.

noble neolani said...

There are more accidents because there are more cars and more people coming to and through the neighborhood. Note to self when in a taxi use the damn seat belt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, boomers, for ruining America long before millennials had a chance to vote!