Monday, June 3, 2019

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice shutters on St. Mark's

The CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice branch at 33 St. Mark's Place has closed.

This wasn't really a surprise given the recent arrival of for-rent signs outside the cafe here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

No word on why this location of the Taiwan-based chain shut down...

Increased rent? Five hundred other places around selling the same things?

CoCo debuted here in September 2013, taking over the space from the short-lived (ONE MONTH) Iris Cafe.

Before that we had Rockit Scientist Records here.

The spot won't be vacant long: The broker posted on Instagram that she had leased this to an unnamed new tenant.

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Carol from E. 5th Street said...

They move in. They move out. Another one bites the dust.

Giovanni said...

Meanwhile, Kung Fu Tea on St. Marks is going like gangbusters.