Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Here's the Sing for Hope piano for Astor Place

[Image via Instagram]

Starting today, the NYC-based nonprofit Sing For Hope will once again place 50 colorfully decorated pianos in parks and other locations around the five boroughs through June 23. The program is now in its eighth year.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Tompkins Square Park will host a piano as in previous years. (Unless Sing for Hope forgot to add it to the piano map.)

However, Astor Place will have a piano titled "Community of Dreams" created by Joan Dilieto in collaboration with Hetrick-Martin Institute and SVA. Here's more about her:

Born and raised in NY, with studios in both Red Hook and Capri, Italy, Joan has been a painter for many years bridging both cultures into the texture of her work. With the roots of an islander, the sea is always present “as above, so below.” Painting beauty, painting fiction, a mythological narrative emerges. Rich with the ancient art of storytelling, a cast of characters led by the divine feminine lead us into their Byzantine world. Intrigue and identity converge with alchemy and transformation.


Our piano is a collaboration between School of Visual Arts and Hetrick-Martin Institute inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s quote “I dream of painting then I paint my dream.” The youth participants of HMI painted their dreams on tiles that are collaged together onto the rainbow flag. Collage as a metaphor for the extraordinary community of HMI, echoing Sing For Hope’s mantra of #artforall.

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