Sunday, June 9, 2019

Puke Island returns to Tompkins Square Park

The ninth annual Puke Island takes place this afternoon (Sunday, June 9) in Tompkins Square Park.

Per the invite:

As many of you know, the first Punk Island was complete and utter chaos, and 100% free expression. A badly organized bolt from the blue. Without going into detail, it's gotten way TOO organized for a lot of people.

PUKE ISLAND carries in its original spirit, allowing us to bask in what it used to be. PUKE ISLAND is not affiliated with Make Music New York, ABC No Rio, or Anyone else.
In cahoots with the SHADOW underground newspaper.

The bands will be:

2 — Room Full of Killers
2:40 — Necrotic Society
3:30 — Patterns of Decay
4:20 — False Gods
5 — Eye of the Destroyer

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Anonymous said...

EV Grieve readers: miLlEnNiALs aNd sAnTa cOn aRe dEsTrOyInG tHe eAsT vILlAge wItH aLcOhOLiSm

Also EVG readers: some of the neighborhood heroes were shiftless violent crustpunk drunks back when the neighborhood was real and their festivals of drug use and overconsumption bring character to the neighborhood!