Thursday, June 6, 2019

This is what the Hells Angels building sold for

The sale of the former Hells Angels clubhouse hit public records yesterday.

According to the public documents, 77 E. Third St., the six-story building between First Avenue and Second Avenue, sold for $7.75 million (updated: other reports list the same as for $10 million)...

As first reported here in February, there was a Memorandum of Contract (the form preceding a contract of sale) dated this past Dec. 21 between Church of the Angels, Inc. (aka — The Church of Angels) and 77 East 3rd LLC. The document was signed by Bartley J. Dowling, president of the NYC Hells Angels chapter, and the purchaser, Nathan Blatter of Whitestone Realty Group. [Updated: The New York Times reported that Whitestone sold the building to Better Living Properties.]

According to the the Post in late March, the units in the building were expected to hit the market as rentals. To date, there aren't any permits on file with the Department of Buildings for any renovations at the address.

The Hells Angels had a presence in 77 E. Third St. since 1969. They eventually bought the building, which included their clubhouse and member residences ( lists 14 units), from Birdie Ruderman in the Bronx for a reported $1,900.

In 1983, chapter president Sandy Alexander took over ownership of the building. The deed from that time states that Alexander, his wife Collette and their family could live on the premises rent free. In addition, in the event that the building was sold, she would stand to receive half of the proceeds.

This agreement was later the basis for a legal tussle in 2013 between the clubhouse and Alexander's family. (Sandy Alexander, who spent six years in prison for selling cocaine, died in 2007.) That deed was eventually reversed in April 2018, per public documents.

No word on where the Angels may have moved. A member named Tony told the Post in March that: "We're being harassed by the yuppies down here [who are] sitting on our bikes and pissing on the sidewalk ... [We want to] go somewhere we can live comfortably."

The last of the members moved out of No. 77 at the end of March.

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I would like to be a NYC landlord/building owner in another life. This is where the money is at.

Anonymous said...

8:36 its not hard, you just need to be able to GET THE DEBT!!!

Real Estate is now the #1 industry by value in the US.

Gojira said...

Boy would I love to see interior shots of that place.

Anonymous said...

Ok, who's going to sneak inside and get pics?


Sons of Real Estate

Anonymous said...

I see what you did there NOTORIOUS!

Rent in Peace said...

Yes it's great being a parasite and spending your entire life robbing people and charging as much money as you can screwing people over. Then when you die and lay in a casket the few who show up to your funeral can lie and say what a great person you were.

As the Bible says, it is appointed for man ( and woman) to die once and then the judgement...Life is a vapor