Monday, May 1, 2017

Parantha Alley opens in the Bowery Market today

Parantha Alley, a regular on the Brooklyn food-fair circuit, debuts today at the Bowery Market, the year-round open-air food court at 348 Bowery and Great Jones.

Parantha Alley serves Indian flat bread with a variety of fillings. (Their menu is here.)

Colleen Kong-Savage created the mural...

Parantha Alley joins Alidoro and Sushi on Jones here. The Market launched last July with five vendors... and since then, the mini outposts of Champion Coffee, The Butcher's Daughter and Pulqueria have moved on, as previously noted.

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Anonymous said...

Bowery Market certainly will charge you outrageous prices for food you can get much cheaper at non-trendy hot spots.

Anonymous said...

Not true of this spot! They are way under market rates. Have you seen how much food they give you for 8 bucks!

Anonymous said...

Parantha Alley has some really tasty freshly prepared Indian food that was supper inexpensive and soooo tasty. Their Rosemary Lemonade was really great and not to sweet. I was totally shocked that we paid only $8!!!