Wednesday, June 5, 2019

That roadwork on Avenue A this afternoon

There was quite a construction production this afternoon on Avenue A between 11th Street and 12th Street.

EVG regular Gojira passed along these shots of the work taking place for:

a) A new entrance for the L train
b) A moat for Steiner East Village
c) An SBS ticketing machine

The correct answer is C, though, given the amount of activity, A and B didn't seem implausible.

The MTA started installing SBS ticketing machines along the M14A/D routes back in April. That SBS service — with all-door boarding and pre-boarding payment — is expected to start this month.

Earlier in May, the MTA announced that it was axing several stops along the 14A and 14D to speed up service, especially during the current L-train slowdown.

Per Curbed:

The route, which is set to roll out in June, will nix 16 stops and add one instead of slashing the originally planned 22 stops. After fierce advocacy from riders, the M14 will retain five stops that were originally on the chopping block, including two M14A stops on Grand Street and a stop at Columbia and Rivington streets on the M14D, the MTA said.


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