Monday, June 3, 2019

The Eddy is closing June 17 on 6th Street

On Friday, the owners of the The Eddy on Sixth Street and Wallflower in the West Village announced that the two restaurants will close this month.

Via the EVG inbox, here's the letter to patrons from (presumably) Chef Brendan McHale and partner Jason Soloway:

This is a love letter to our friends, neighbors, guests and colleagues:

We have some bad news. We are closing Wallflower and The Eddy. Wallflower’s last night of service will be Saturday, June 15th and The Eddy’s last night of service will be Monday, June 17th.

It was a gut-wrenching decision, but one that we needed to make for several reasons, none of which are interesting or important.

This is what's important to us:

First, we always endeavored to do it the right way and were never interested in taking shortcuts. And we intend to stay that way until we close. Media recognition was always greatly appreciated, but what mattered to us most was the passionate and enthusiastic response from our guests. We are pleasers, and nothing pleases a pleaser more than happy guests. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had our fair share of them.

Second, it's important to thank the many people who have worked at both restaurants. There are so many to thank that it would be unfair to point out any individuals as it was always about being a team. It was their dedication, talent and charm that enabled us to execute the vision of refined, fun and zero-pretension neighborhood restaurants. Quite simply, without them, we were nothing.

Third, we are deeply grateful to our many guests. We hosted weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and countless celebrations. Knowing how many remarkable dining options there are in NYC, we have always been humbled that so many people chose to spend their special occasions with us.

We want to take the next 2+ weeks to show our appreciation to you for allowing us to occupy a small footprint in the NYC dining landscape for the last 5+ years. As such, starting tonight and continuing until we close, we are offering all guests a 25% discount on their check (no minimums, no maximums, no questions asked) at Wallflower and The Eddy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and we hope to see you one last time (or if we’re still on your “list”, for the first time!) over the next couple of weeks.

XO - Wallflower and The Eddy

The Eddy — "a neighborhood restaurant serving seasonal global cuisine" — opened in April 2014 here between First Avenue and Second Avenue in space that was previously home to the Toucan & the Lion and Mara's Homemade.

Here's what Pete Wells had to say about the 30-seat Eddy in a one-star review at the Times in June 2015:

The Eddy ... is one of those restaurants that gets so many little details right that your main course can be a little shaky and you can still walk out happy. That’s a rare thing, no accident when it happens, and the reason all those seats are so often full.


Anonymous said...

Such a shame. The Eddy is a fabulous place to meet up with friends and have a cocktail and a good meal after a long, stressful week. The ambience is warm and inviting. Hopefully, the staff from both restaurants will be able to secure employment elsewhere soon.

Anonymous said...

The Eddy is so awesome. :(

KeyFood4Eva said...

I don't live in NY anymore, but the Eddy was always a solid go to place for a date or catching up with a friend. This is a big loss...

Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend dumped me for another man here in 2017. It was supposed to be our three year anniversary, but it turned into a sad evening I will never forget. We had our first date here too, which made it special. The ambience was beautiful. I tried to conceal my tears, but every time a runner came to the table with food, I just tossed my fork in it and stared at the wall as he failed to explain his actions. After he left and paid the tab, I remember walking over to the bar from a table in a semi-drunken haze, mystified, bewildered, and empty. I partook in two more artsinal cocktails and had a sweet conversation with a bartender, who tried in earnest to make me feel better after what I told him. He was professional and kind to listen to me. I then took a uber home and never returned because I was so humilated. Even though my memory is bittersweet, I will look back at this place with fondness and no regret.

Anonymous said...

TBH I'm not surprised. The food was good but pricey for the portion sizes, the room felt uncomfortably crowded, and service was slow. The combination of issues made it hard to want to go back (after going twice) despite me wanting to support one of the local places.

Anonymous said...

This is really sad. I've had great times here with friends and lovers. I guess nothing is forever, especially in NYC, especially in the EV, where businesses come and go so quickly. My best to the entire staff.