Friday, February 9, 2018

Activity at the long-vacant 535 E. 12th St.

[Photo from Sunday]

An EVG reader yesterday reported that a crew with a Davey Drill was outside the city-owned 535 E. 12th St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

This is the second city-owned building within a block now that has shown signs of development life. Earlier this week, workers were spotted taking core samples outside the vacant building at 204 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street.

Last week at 535 E. 12th St., someone posted two eviction notices on the front door...

... telling the residents in Apartment 7 and Apartment 8 that they owe a few thousand dollars...

As far as anyone can recall, no one has lived in this building (save for some squatters) in nearly 10 years.

The NYC Housing Preservation and Development owns both 204 Avenue A and 535 E. 12th St. There's nothing official just yet about what's going to happen to these buildings.

Here's an EVG commenter from Tuesday's post on No. 204:

Here's the story about this building and another section 8 building 535 E 12th street which also had drilling for soil samples this week. Both 204 Ave A and 535 E 12th will be demolished presumably later this year for new housing. The residents of 535 which were displaced due to severe structural problems will move into the new (I believe 7 story building on A, they will be able to purchase these apartments for a very very low cost. A new somewhat market rate building will be built at 535 12th, it will be 6 stories tall. The same company which remodels the former squat on 13th Street btw A and B will be devoting these 2 buildings.


Cory Zapatka said...

Happy to see this eyesore is being flipped, I just hope it isn’t an ugly, “modern” building like what went up on the corner of 12th and B. Of course, it will be, but I’ll keep wishing.

Anonymous said...

My mom is 97 years old and I was just picking her brain on the places she grew up. she gave this address. She lived in this building for about 6 years 85 years ago. Glad we looked it up before it was demolished.