Sunday, July 7, 2019

Week in Grieview

[Photo on St. Mark's Place by Derek Berg]

Posts this past week included...

Skateboarders upset over plan to add synthetic turf to the northwest corner of Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

At long last a taxi relief stand for East Houston and 1st Street outside Punjabi Grocery & Deli (Monday)

Reader reports: The NYPD forcibly stops a Citi Biker on Avenue A for his own safety (Friday)

St. Mark's Market is back open (Thursday)

Comptroller's office: Park bathrooms in the East Village and LES are the worst in the city (Monday)

M14 SBS routes debut today; 14th Street busway now on hold (Monday) The abandoned bus shelters of Avenue A (Tuesday)

Young artists from Central America are creating this mural outside Key Food (Thursday)

Mikey Likes It remains closed on Avenue A (Wednesday)

These 2 adjacent community gardens have merged on Avenue B (Tuesday)

This weeks NY See panel (Wednesday)

ICP now closed on the Bowery ahead of move to Essex Crossing (Monday)

NYPD looking for suspect in an attempted sexual assault in Stuy Town (Friday)

Report: Double-parked motorist arrested for striking 2 firefighters on 6th Street (Wednesday)

Desperately Seeking Bonnie (Thursday)

The last word, perhaps, about Nobletree Coffee's closure on 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Friday)

[His and his seats on 14th Street]

A new home for Three Kings Tattoo (Monday)

6 posts from June (Sunday)

A-Rod owns part of this building on Avenue D (Tuesday)

Avenue C Restaurant coming soon to Avenue C (Monday)

Ichabod's has closed on Irving Place (Wednesday)

Schmackary's debuts today on Cooper Square (Monday)

... and EVG regular Salim shared this photo of the new-look gate — via @ohmy.murals — at the Oda House on Fifth Street and Avenue B...


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bill said...

Speaking of the scaffolding outside the old Andy Warhol building on St. Mark's Place, when is it coming down (after how many years--fill in the blank____)? I called Cape Advisors a while back (their name is listed near the top of the scaffolding, but no one got back to me).
As the old saw goes, there ought to be a law.... Naw...