Sunday, February 2, 2020

Week in Grieview

[The return of Sherlock Holmes via Derek Berg]

Posts this past week included...

• Get well soon, Ray! (Monday)

• A reading series at Odessa (Tuesday)

• Police looking for trio in vicious Jan. 1 attack on 9th Street and Avenue A (Thursday)

• Behind the build: Amelia and Christo's dream nests 2020 (Wednesday)

• Are you missing your pet parrot? (Thursday)

• Recognizing Debi the Gardener for her years of service in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday)

• Factory Tamal bringing its freshly made tamales to 4th Street (Monday)

• Demolition prep for the former home of Barrier Free Living on 2nd Street (Tuesday)

• Deadline extended to apply to serve on a Community Board (Wednesday)

• Workshop next week will offer free legal resources for East Village small business owners (Thursday)

• At the Tribal Soundz reunion (Friday)

• Partial reveal of the explosion site condoplex (Friday)

• Now hear this: About the new book of East Village bar quotes from Billy the Artist (Thursday) ... An afternoon with Billy the Artist (Saturday)

• Avenue A storefront watch (Monday)

• The Izakaya opening a 2nd East Village location (Friday)

• Spätzle alert: Zum Schneider's kitchen will be open for a few weeks longer (Friday)

• Pinks Cantina bringing the tacos to Webster Hall (Thursday)

• That unique pop-up gallery space on 7th and C is now home to a palm reader (Thursday)

• Prince Tea House expanding to the East Village with an outpost on 10th Street (Tuesday)

• A new tree nest for El Jardin del Paraiso (Tuesday)

• Addiction NYC space for rent on St. Mark's Place (Monday)

• Kissaki debuts on the Bowery this week (Monday)

And Stacie Joy shared this photo of a Corona promotion at Key Food Thursday night... (the thing was gone by Sunday)...

Which reminded me of a piece I saw online at USA Today the other day:

As new coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, some people seem to think that the deadly outbreak is somehow related to Corona beer. It's not.

The alcoholic beverage from Mexico showed a surge in Google searches in the past week, along with the term “corona beer virus” and “beer virus.”

In the United States, Google Trends calculated that 57% of the people that searched one of those terms searched for “beer virus,” and the remaining 43% searched for “corona beer virus.”


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